Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busy Packing, Again

Besides Kolo Mee and Sarawak Laksa, all I could think of in my mind all day long today was the open, wide, spacious, clear, breathtakingly awesome blue sky of Kuching.

Since my last trip home in early April, I will be making a short trip home this weekend, making use of the Merdeka Holiday. Nonetheless, on this brief holiday, I shall prioritize on spending time with mum, relatives and friends. Hopefully I will still be able to find time to splatter this blog with much saliva inducing Kuching food.

After burning out my mind and soul working in KL, I believe this time away from work, and being close to the ones I love would heal some battle scars.

I miss Kuching terribly. I just can't wait to go home right now.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Day Out with Lumix

Note: All photographs in this entry were taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8

This entry was originally inspired by one of my beautiful blog readers, Bartosz Dawidowski, who shoots with a compact camera, yet producing great images. This is a very strong reminder to all of us, especially the gearheads and camera measurebators that it is the photographer that truly creates the photographs, not the camera. The camera is just a tool, without the photography vision, idea and creative input, the output will be nothing but just meaningless pixels.

The true sentiments of the citizens are echoed ever so loudly everywhere on the streets.

An abandoned shop lot accompanying an abandoned man.

Shiny, smooth, well-toned, plastic and naked butts. Shot through glass. "I'm bringing sexy back... yeap !!!"- Justin Timberlake

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Attacking the Streets has Become a Routine

Weekend came, and I woke up early on a Saturday morning, eager to go out for some Shutter Therapy, on the streets. This has somehow become quite a routine for me, and I feel really great about this. It was as if a long stretch of week has ended, and there IS something to look forward to, and to heal the battle scars collected throughout the dreadful week behind.

This morning, I had two friends tagging along me, Wong and Mike, both also avid Olympus supporters. It was wonderful to enjoy shutter therapy with friends, and definitely walking around with buddies to watch your back was a safer option, especially on the streets of KL. This time, I armed myself with 50mm most of the time, and I dared myself to move closer and closer to my subjects. I know I have probably overspilled my brains out in the previous couple of entries, hence I shall keep this less wordy, and shift the attention to the photographs instead.

Waiting for something. Time, maybe? In Pudu, you find a lot of man or older age, hanging around.

Wow, what a long, long ciggy you have there dude.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Engineering Vs Photography

It is difficult to find a hardworking government servant. It is even more difficult to find an artistic engineer. It is almost impossible to find an honest lawyer.

When I was at the 50th OCF Convention in Malacca last year (where hundreds of people from numerous universities from all over Australia flew in) I have heard that very striking remark made by one of the speakers during the OCF 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving dinner night.

Since I have decided to pick up engineering (right after my Form 5, at the age of 17) I have unintentionally left the artistic world behind. Sub-consciously, I was constantly submitting myself to the scientific and logical side of brain power. Everything has to form logic; practicality is a priority in engineering. In order to understand how things work, engineers must train their mind to analyze problems systematically by following a set of rules. In order to manufacture products which are deemed safe and usable by public standards, certain codes and strict regulations must be adhered to. We are bound by restrictions in order to maintain a reasonable level of compliance and unified standards as guidelines for engineering practice in general. We are not encouraged to stray too far from these guidelines and standards, hence we have been taught not to think too far outside the box.

A gloomy morning start.

Old shops of striking colours.

Another death of a motorbike.

Welding the joints. Let it burn.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What You Shoot is What You Are

Have you ever wondered, why two photographers at the same place, using the very similar set of equipments, shooting the very same subjects, but in the end produced very apparent different images? One was possibly less outstanding and appealing than the other. Yes, many factors may contribute to such a variation of photography output, which is pointless to jump into an open debate, but let me direct your attention to a more personal level: the photographer himself. Yes, the photographer is the main dictator of what his photography outcome should be, hence he is the reason why his photographs come out the way they do.

I have come to a realization that who we are is strongly reflected in our photography works.

This should not be mistaken as a tool to read the photographer’s minds by studying and analyzing his works, but one can evidently observe and pick up traces of a photographer’s individuality, and pieces of his life which may be purposefully, or unintentionally represented in his works. A photograph is after all, a powerful communication tool. It expresses what the photographer sees and feels, and it conveys messages and stories. Those stories may very well be what the photographer wants and chooses to tell. It is interesting to find out that the stories in the photographs usually reveal more than what the photographers may have intended.

Carrying garments.

Watering the Rambutans.

Push and Pull

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Babes Galore @ PC Fair August 2010

The Pikom PC Fair was back in town, and as usual it was held at KLCC Convention Center, with people coming in from everywhere flooding the place. It was not exactly such an exciting idea to battle through the rowdy crowd to capture a few shots of PC Fair Girls, since I have done so plenty of times before. Nonetheless, I went to the PC Fair this time for a reason, which was to purchase extra storage for my fast depleting hard disk space due to my decision to start shooting RAW recently. Since I was already there to hunt for an item, why not shoot more chicks down with my Ollie, literally, right?

So here I am, fulfilling my usual quota of Chicks photographs for you beautiful readers out there.

Monday, August 09, 2010

The Seedy Part of Town

Side Note: I am currently hooked to "Magnificent" from U2. I know, I know I am a bit late. However, it is refreshing to finally see strong religious influence on u2's music.
I love weekends tremendously, same as many of you out there, but to me it is even more important because it is the only free time I have to truly go out and make myself feel alive. One of the reasons I am alive would be.. obviously Shutter Therapy. So you think I have had enough doing the macrology outing in the jungle during midnight? Of course not !! Shutter Therapy adventure continued on to the streets, and this time I have selected Chow Kit, one of my favorite hunts for street photography.

How peaceful can you sleep on a street of Chow Kit?
Human traffic.

An umbrella, a tool, or a weapon?

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Kemensah Night Macrology Outing 2

The Friday night had been quite an exciting and exhilarating one. Since approximately a week ago, there a guy whom I have known to respect and admire in Macro Photography, particularly dealing with Malaysian spiders and insects, Amir called up an outing to his favourite spider hunting spot: Kemensah. I have been there twice before (once during the day, and once during the night), and I knew how good this session was going to be. The facts that made this outing truly extraordinary was going into a real forest reserve, and doing it in the middle of the night. I know, what better way to spend a Friday night right?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Fresh Look

Finally, after God knows how many centuries old, I have decided to make a change on my blog appearance. Yeah call me lazy, call me old-fashioned, I have changed the layout. I have nearly zero percentage of graphic design skills, and I did not intend to create an awe-worthy blog design anyway. Nonetheless, coming to this page day after day has somehow started to feel a little.... boring.

Hence a little fresh make-over can add a bif of interest to you guys, I hope.